Trademark of Hot Springs

It is said that, trademark of hot springs means "How to take Hot Springs". There are 3 winding lines. From left, the length of line is short, long, and short. This 3 lines mean, when you arrive at Ryokan (Hotel) please take hot spring quickly, then after the dinner, take hot spring for long time, then finally in the morning take hot spring quickly before the breakfast.
In fact, there are many Japanese people take hot spring 3 times during their 2 days 1 night stay.

How to enjoy Hot Springs in Japan
In Japan, almost all hot springs do not allow people to wear swim suits. Once enter the bath, please keep one small towel with you. BUT please do not soak towel in hot springs. Normally, Ryokan (hotel) has public hot spring and open-air hot spring, so please enjoy both type of hot springs!

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