GDPR Privacy Policy

GDPR Privacy Policy

In order to protect customers’ personal information, our company will take the initiatives below.


1. Initiatives for protecting personal data

(1) Our company will appropriately manage personal data.
(2) Our company will obtain customers’ personal data through our company’s homepage.
(3) Our company will strive to have employees and transaction partners take the precautions that are necessary for personal information protection.
(4) The data that our company will request from a customer will be personal data that is necessary for the provision of our company’s services, such as the name, telephone number, address, e-mail address, and preferences for travel information. The same will also apply in the event that there are customers who will accompany the relevant customer. There may also be cases when we will ask other questions for the purpose of providing services that the customer wants, but excluding the minimum matters that are necessary, we will have the customer provide such information voluntarily.
(5) Our company may notify third parties of the personal data of our customers.
(6) For the purpose of strictly managing personal data, our company will prepare internal provisions, provide regular education, and conduct internal audits related to personal data protection.
(7) In the event that a customer wants an inquiry or revision of his or her own personal data, we will verify the customer’s identity and then handle the matter.
(8) Our company will comply with the laws, ordinances, and standards that apply in relation to customers’ personal data and will reconsider and improve the above initiatives as appropriate.

2. Purposes of handling personal data
In addition to using the personal data that was provided to us for the purpose of contacting the customer, our company may also use such information within the scope that is necessary for the purpose of contacting and confirming with organizations related to the customer’s consultations. We will also use such information within the scope that is necessary for the purpose of arranging and receiving services provided by transport or accommodation institutions for the travel for which the customer applied. Please note that the provision of personal data is necessary and essential for the performance of agreements, such as travel agreements, and in the event that you decide not to provide personal data, the travel services may be hindered.

3. Conditions for handling personal data
Our company will handle personal data, limited to cases in which the customer’s agreement to such handling has been obtained and any of the cases below.
(1) A case in which handling is necessary for the purpose of the performance of an agreement to which the customer is a party (such as giving notification of the customer’s data, such as his or her name, to a transport or accommodation institution designated by the customer for making arrangements for that transport or accommodation institution) or a case in which handling is necessary in order to conduct the procedures in accordance with the customer’s request before conclusion of an agreement
(2) Handling for the purpose of complying with a legal obligation that our company should obey
(3) A case in which handling is necessary in order to protect the important interests of the customer or another individual (such as provision of data about the customer or the accompanying person to a related institution, such as the police or a hospital, in the event that the customer’s or the accompanying person’s life is in serious danger due to an accident during travel)

(4) A case in which it is considered appropriate to investigate, prevent, or implement measures against an illegal action or an action that is suspected of being illegal
  1. 4. About transfer of personal data

    We will transfer personal data that we received from customers, limited to the purposes below.
    Our company may transfer customers’ personal data to parties, such as transport or accommodation institutions (including overseas institutions, etc.), within the scope that is necessary in order to handle consultations with customers.
    Our company will transfer customers’ personal data to parties, such as transport or accommodation institutions, within the scope that is necessary for travel arrangements. For the purpose of customers’ convenience for shopping at a travel destination, our company may transfer customers’ personal data to business operators, such as duty-free shops. In such a case, we will transfer personal data related to the customer’s name, passport number, and number of a flight that will be boarded by sending it by electronic method.

    In addition, our company may transfer personal data to a work consignment company that has concluded with our company a work consignment agreement related to personal data. Our company will ask that consigned party to properly handle personal data that was transferred and will conduct appropriate management.

5. Records of data processing
Our company will keep records of processing of personal data, by following regulations formulated by the GDPR. For those records, we will comply with the GDPR, and if a request is made by a supervisory authority, we will share information as necessary.
6. Period of saving personal data
After keeping it for a one-year period, personal data will be appropriately eliminated or destroyed.

7. Rights for personal data

A customer will have the rights below for the personal data.
(1) The right to know the customer’s personal data and related data
(2) The right to have the customer’s personal data revised without delay
(3) The right to have the customer’s personal data deleted without delay
(4) The right to restrict handling for the customer’s personal data
(5) The right to make objections about our company’s handling of personal data

(6) The right to receive, in an ordinary form that can be read by a computer, personal data that the customer provided, and the right to transfer that data to management by another organization without being hindered

8. Safety measures
For the purpose of appropriately managing customers’ personal data and for the purpose of preventing leaks, loss, or damage to the personal data and conducting other safety management, we will conduct technical, physical, and organizational human safety management measures.

9. Contact information

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Person in charge of general personnel matters in the General Affairs Department
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