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Special limited plans for Japan visitors from Odakyu Travel!!
2013.10.1-2014.3.31 Limited Time Offer!!
2 Days 1 night stay (dinner and breakfast included)
+ Round-trip Romancecar tickets
+ Hakone Free Pass(Option)
You can enjoy different types of hot springs at Hotel OKADA's "Yunosato".
This hotel's significant feature is its wonderful large public open-air bath.
The public open-air bath on the top floor has a great view of Hakone mountains and the town.
Yoshiike Ryokan
Yoshiike boasts a large 10,000 tsubo beautiful garden.
Mikawaya Ryokan
Mikawaya Ryokan has kept its tradition and elegance since it was established in 1883.
Mount View Hakone
Enjoy a seasonal vegetable dinner.
There are beautiful white hot springs.
Hakone Chiyodaso
A reasonable ryokan in Gora.
It has high-quality spa water from Owakudani.
It has numeous hot springs. This hotel is located in front of Hayakawa river.
Hotel de YAMA
Hotel de Yama is located on the shore of Lake Ashi. It has a beautiful garden and the spectacular view of Mt. Fuji and Lake Ashi.
Shirayuno-Yado YAMADAYA
Yamadaya priovides a 180-degree view of Hakone mountains. There is a white color Onsen!!
The Prince Hakone
Hotel is surrounded by Lake Ashi and wonderful lush nature.
*일본 온천여행*신년 초 특가 상품!! SHIUNSO
SHIUNSO is a Japanese inn in a true traditional style. Located 5 minutes from hakone yumoto station by bus or tonosawa station on foot. 
*일본 온천여행*신년 초 특가 상품!! Gourakan
Located only 3 min walk from Gora station.
Enjoy a white-colored hot spring.
*일본 온천여행*신년 초 특가 상품!! Musashino Bekkan
A large open-air bath with splendid views of the mountains in Hakone. Enjoy a high quality onsen in a traditional Japanese setting.
*일본 온천여행*신년 초 특가 상품!! Hanagokoro
Japanese modern-style Ryokan in Hakone surrounded by nature. There are only 8 rooms and each room has a private open-air bath.
*일본 온천여행*신년 초 특가 상품!! HOTEL Ra Kuun
Located on the hill where you can see Lake Ashi. Open-air bath is available for 24 hours a day.
*일본 온천여행*신년 초 특가 상품!! Daihakone
Surrounded by the rich natural beauty of the Sengoku highlands, the location of this resort hotel offers expansive views of the outer rim of Hakone crater.
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